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And Poldark gets ever closer…..

Cornwall coastline

The only Poldark character without an agent: the Cornish coastline. Think there are dastardly characters lurking in those caves? Image courtesy of alanmort, Morguefile.

Last week, I stumbled across a Sunday evening tweetchat with Irish actor Aidan Turner. Poldark, the Cornwall-based saga about a Revolutionary War hero created by author Winston Graham, is now airing on BBC TV but it’s going to be June 2015 before it airs in the United States.

Grrrr. I could watch it online, I suppose, but it’s more fun to wait and anticipate. (I’m SO envious of the U.K. viewers right now.)

It still feels a bit funny, having this kind of instant access to professional actors via Twitter. I found the tweetchat purely by accident when I logged onto Twitter that Sunday and noticed the hashtag #AskPoldark. As a fan, naturally I checked it out and discovered it was a live chat with Aidan Turner, who plays Ross Poldark.

(Mind you, if you look up Aidan online, spell the name correctly. There is a British actor, Aiden Turner, who is a soap opera actor and has appeared as a competitor on “Dancing with the Stars”. It’s easy to get them confused.)

Sadly, Aidan didn’t answer my question (what was the hardest task you had to accomplish during the filming of Poldark) but to be fair, he and BBC One were deluged with questions. Here’s some of the funniest:

Q: Did anything funny happen on set?

A: I once knocked myself out for 30 seconds while running to the playback monitor to see a take I’d done. AT

Q: What’s best for curls and volume, Demelza’s shampoo or a rinse in the sea? (Demelza is a feisty maid in the household and later — SPOILER ALERT!!! — his love interest.)

A: The Cornish wind and the rinse in the sea. AT

Q: Is Aidan aware that his hair has a following? #PoldarksHair (a reference to the tousled hairstyle of the character)

A: I am, yeah! It’s pretty hilarious. AT

There was the usual fangushing, but overall it was a hilarious tweetchat and revealed quite a bit about the actor as it did about the audience. He seems to be a levelheaded person with a sense of humor. Nice to know that.

Get ready, historical drama fans, only a little longer to wait! For a brief preview, see the video below. (I have GOT to get my hands on this song — so beautiful.) Video credit: TheFangirlPlace on YouTube.

Update 6/14/15: PBS now says that the show will air on June 21, 9 p.m.


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