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Turkish screenwriting profile: Her Yerde Sen

turkish homes

Waterside homes in Istanbul. Image courtesy of Hulki Okan Tabak, Unsplash.

Lately, I’ve been watching episodes of Her Yerde Sen (also known as “Everywhere You” or “You Are Everywhere”). This is a romantic comedy involving two feuding homeowners.

The show features two people, pretty landscape designer Selin Sever (Aybüke Persat) and handsome manager Demir Erendil (Furkan Andiç). Each of them has bought a house.

The problem: Both of them have bought the exact same house. Demir has just moved back to Turkey from Japan and goes into his new house, only to find it’s already occupied and clothing strewn here and there. He investigates upstairs. Selin is just coming out of the bathroom, sees Demir from the back and assumes he’s there to rob the place. She outwits him, knocks him out with a T-square and calls the police.

When the police ask whose house it is, both Selin and Demir say “MINE!” and look at each other in shock.

It turns out that two older ladies, Leila and Firuse, co-owned the house and each sold her half of the house to a different person. Selin didn’t bother to read all of the paperwork; Demir had a proxy handle the house buying for him. So now both Selin and Demir technically own the house, according to a lawyer they consult, and each resorts to driving the other completely nuts in the hope that one of them will give up and move out.

Both are too stubborn to move and have strong reasons for staying. Selin’s parents gave her pension money that belonged to her dad to buy the house, and we come to find out through a flashback that Demir lived in the house as a boy.

Selin is also an animal lover. There is a turtle, a neighborhood dog, a goat and a fish named Chi Chi. There’s a lot of talking to Chi Chi; he seems to be a great listener and never talks back.

Oh, and did I mention that the company where Selin works is going bankrupt? A new manager has come in and is determined to rescue the company. Guess who THAT is.

Demir doesn’t make himself very popular with his employees from the get-go. He sets a number of rules — hold all celebrations after work, people should constantly send reports to him, and most importantly, no mixing romance with business. (That’s a problem — two of Selin’s coworkers, Bora and Merve, have just gotten engaged. Plus, another coworker, Ayda, has become interested in local vet/client Ibo, who looks a lot like a Turkish Eric Balfour.)

Selin and her coworkers come up with “Operation Cheetah” — a plan to drive Demir out so that her coworker/former manager Burak can take over. It includes wearing super-stinky perfume and giving Demir their most troublesome client who has an eye for a handsome man. That client prefers Burak but quickly changes her allegiance to Demir (the hussy!). 😉

There’s also a handyman character, Muharram, who I suspect might be a ghost. Everybody seems so startled when he pops up. Either that, or he’s good at moving silently. He acts as the voice of everybody’s conscience — a portable Greek chorus.

I’ve only gotten to episode 6 so far, but I’m still laughing. Demir has tried to pull some stunts, such as taking over the master bedroom while Selin is out and putting Selin’s belongings elsewhere. She wanders home drunk one night and falls into what she thinks is her bed (see orange shirt scene in video below), which turns out to be HIS bed. Demir also has the house’s locks changed.

Big mistake, Demir bey. Big, BIG mistake. Glass back door, meet porch chair.

After Selin throws the porch chair through the back door (in a great slow-mo scene accompanied by Verdi’s “Anvil Chorus”), she marches in and lays down the law. Selin says that no matter what he does, she’ll find a way in. It’s very funny to see Demir’s face when it sinks in that he has seriously underestimated this woman’s determination.

Later, they have to go to the police station to report a robbery (long story) and come home to discover that both of them are locked out of the house. Worse, a cat somehow got in and is looking very interested in eating Chi Chi. Selin panicks, Demir turns chivalrous and he throws a porch chair through the back door.

Here we go again. At this rate, the local handymen will be Bill Gates.

Selin gets her own back, though unwittingly. She accidentally sends Demir into anaphylatic shock by allowing real milk to be put into his coffee rather than almond milk (he’s allergic), and the goat eats one of his shirts.

Lots of plotting going on in this series. Apart from Operation Cheetah, Firuse and Leila can’t afford to give the money back from the sale of the house. First, they invite Selin and Demir over for dinner, but continually stall them. When Selin and Demir lose patience and insist on discussing the house, Firuse pulls a fake faint to distract them.

Later, the two ladies cook up a scheme: get Selin and Demir to fall in love so they won’t want to leave the house (and therefore won’t want their money back). They bake a cake with lots of aphrodisiac ingredients, and Selin and Demir eat some of it. We’ll see what happens.

I like the homes they use. Firuse and Leila live in a very nice mansion with a cool waterside patio/dock. Selin and Demir are in a large house and Selin ends up in a great attic bedroom with enviable skylights.

I’ve seen some trailers where there’s more goings-on when Selin’s parents come for a visit and they’re trying to disguise the fact that Demir lives in the house. Not to mention hiding that same fact from coworkers and friends.

Hoo boy. I can’t wait to see where this series goes. The subtitled versions are on YouTube. (Video credit: Sevdam is Turk, YouTube).

Update 11/11/19: I read that this show is coming to an end with episode 23. Apparently, it didn’t catch on with some audiences. Still worth watching on YouTube, though!


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