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We’re bloggers and we grow it

Young bloggers

Oh sure, they look like young bloggers now, but wait until that stats envy hits! Image courtesy of gracey, Morguefile.

After you’ve been blogging for a while, I think you inevitably succumb to that ailment known as “stats envy”. It’s only human. Through the magic of the WordPress dashboard (for you non-bloggers out there, the dashboard is the behind-the-scenes control panel within a blog), it’s very easy to see the number of visits your blog receives and how many blog followers you have. Some bloggers choose to make this information known on their blogs through the use of widgets, while others choose to keep that information to themselves.

As a part of my blogging, I follow other bloggers and read their posts frequently. With bloggers such as Robin Coyle and LouAnn of On The Homefront, we often use our blogs to cyber-sass each other, all in good fun. Through this interaction we bloggers have with each other, our own blogs grow as we attract more and more visitors.

But sometimes I’ll see someone who started their blog about the same time as mine. Some of these bloggers have more followers or more visits than I; others have less.

I often wonder…what IS it that these other bloggers are doing to get more followers or more visits? And I get a tiny bit envious — what magic elixir are they using that I’m not? Are they posting more frequently? Did they just happen to pick a more popular topic among readers? Have they been Freshly Pressed several times? Are they spreading their blog post on Twitter, Facebook or other sites?

It’s hard to predict what’s going to be a hit with readers. About the only thing that is predictable about a certain post becoming a hit is that there IS no way to predict it at times. I was astonished to find that a blog post I once did about proofreading got a large number of views in three days, far in excess of my usual amount. I’ve also had one day where only one person read my blog post. (Well, it was a Sunday, which tends to be a slow day for me.) *sighs*

But I’m philosophical. The main points of my blog are to amuse, inform and entertain (preferably all three at the same time, with or without a supply of chocolate). If even one person learns a tidbit of new knowledge or gets a chuckle from what I’ve said, then the time I spent writing that post was time well spent.

Blog readers, what are your feelings about stats envy? Do you still have it, or are you past that point now?



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