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What happens when famous literary characters have Twitter?


Smartphone image courtesy of Karpati Gabor, Morguefile.

Smartphones are so commonplace these days; I must see at least 30 or so when I’m out in public. People are sending texts or posting updates to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So then I got to wondering…what would happen if we took famous literary characters and gave them Twitter accounts?

Pride and Prejudice

Bingley to Darcy: Bennet’s having a 5 for 1 sale on daughters this weekend. Interested? #love #prettygirls

Jane Eyre

Ms. Temple to Jane Eyre: How is your new job?

Jane Eyre to Ms. Temple: Adele great but there is pyro in house! This was SO not in my union contract. #job #escape

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson: Will you PLEASE GET THAT DOG TO STOP BARKING??!! #ASPCA

The Odyssey

Odysseus to Penelope: Lost. Send GPS or pray to gods. #travel #history

Wuthering Heights

Catherine to Heathcliff: Would you stop with the stalking already? #fbi #police

To Kill A Mockingbird

Boo Radley to Atticus Finch: Agoraphobia overcome! So happy. #homelandsecurity

Most Dirk Pitt novels (by Clive Cussler)

Dirk Pitt to Al Giordino: Outran bad guys, blew up things, saved the world. Just another day at the #office.


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