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Re-reading your favorite books: Yes or no?


So many books, so little time. *sighs* Library image courtesy of mantasmagorical, Morguefile.

I read a comment somewhere where somebody said that they only read a book once, and then never again because there were just too many books in the world to read the same thing over again.

For me, that depends on the book and how much I like it. I’ll re-read books by my favorite authors such as Mark Twain, Nora Roberts, J.D. Robb, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen because they are so deft with words and creating imaginary worlds. Reading those books again is a comforting ritual, like relaxing in front of a crackling fire on a winter’s day. It is so easy to slide into the worlds they create.

For other books, I only need to read them once. For genres like biographies or factual books about this topic or that, reading it once is pretty much all you need because you’ve gleaned what you need to know anyway.

Some books I like to re-read in order to get into a holiday spirit. Halloween is coming up in a few more weeks; one way I like to get ready for that is to read Nora Roberts’ spooky Sign of Seven trilogy (Blood Brothers, The Hollow and The Pagan Stone). The other ways are — what else? — chocolate candy (mmmmm!) and putting out my fall decorations like my group of three ceramic pumpkins with insanely cheerful grins (I call them my “giggle pumpkins” because they look so happy).

And yep, there’s the Christmas-themed books too. I’ve got to read those during Christmas and watch my favorite Christmas movies such as “A Season for Miracles” or “White Christmas”. Like I said, a familiar ritual.

Other books are so dense with plots and characters, it’s an accomplishment just to finish the book and it would take major bribery (I would demand at least three Snickers bars — I have standards, you know!) to go back and read them. I’m thinking Thackeray’s Vanity Fair and Tolstoy’s War and Peace here. With those books, you really need the Cliff Notes just to figure out what the heck is going on.

Blog readers, do you ever read a book more than once? Or it a case of “one and done”? Let’s chat below.


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