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Facebook’s hidden insights and gems

Grape hyacinth

Spring is HERE! No more snow for a while! Image courtesy of Gracey, Morguefile.

I’ve been on Facebook for a while now, and it’s proven to be a unique window into the psyches of my friends and relatives. I’ve discovered more about what makes them tick, what makes them laugh and what keeps them going on, day after day.

I learned that my cousin’s wife has a photography business and creates some amazing photographs. She does some fantastic images of people as well as nature photography. Recently, we’ve all been celebrating the arrival of spring in our corner of the world; the cherry blossom trees are blooming around the Tidal Basin in DC and my neighborhood is awash in daffodils and grape hyacinths.

A gym friend of mine loves to travel and is also a shutterbug. He posts pictures of wonderful places around the world (and yes, I’m envious) that I wouldn’t mind seeing someday.

Another cousin enjoys healthy cooking and tracking down do-it-yourself projects. I never realized that about him, but I do now! This same cousin and his sons are accomplished musicians (hmmm…must run in my family since my sib is a music teacher) and post the occasional image of their performances. One of his sons played Jesus in the musical “Godspell” during his high school days and for the once and only time in my life, I got to run around that evening, saying “Hey! My cousin’s Jesus!” (All in good fun, naturally.)

There are the usual complaints about life’s situations, traffic, weather and the ever-present quizzes from Buzzfeed (I couldn’t resist finding out which medieval profession I should have or which Grecian deity I should be). But there’s also a lot of teasing and sassiness. Many of us bond over the same types of music. Thanks to my Facebook crowd, I am pleased to present the following two musical video gems, courtesy of Facebook and YouTube. Turn on your speakers, enjoy and have a good weekend!

For fans of classical music (love these women’s facial expressions!):

For fans of dance and country music (my toes want to start tapping as soon as the music starts):



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