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OK, who are you and what did you do with my blog post?


Where my posts are going. We’re just tiny specks here, but can you see me and my blog waving hello? Image courtesy of duboix, Morguefile.

Thank goodness for trackbacks and pingbacks. Without them, it would be much harder to know where my blog posts end up.

Since I started blogging and sending out my posts to be seen all over the world, my blog has turned up in some interesting places. I’ve been reblogged a few times (thanks for the proper attribution, people, it’s appreciated). Whenever I’ve been reblogged, I get curious and go over to that person’s blog to see it. Other bloggers have also been kind enough to mention my blog in their own blog posts. I am amazed and touched by their generosity because these bloggers are people I’ve never even met in real life.

A couple of times, I’ve been notified that my posts showed up in places where I never expected they would travel. For example, I did a proofreading post back on January 9th about Bette Nesmith, mother of Monkees musician Mike Nesmith. Bette Nesmith invented the correction fluid called Liquid Paper. Later, a pingback told me that my post appeared on a site that had to do with Liquid Paper. Well….um….okay. As far as I could tell, the site was an aggregator and picked up various mentions of Liquid Paper from different sources.

A few months later, I received a trackback notice that the June 19th post I wrote about author Lucy Maud Montgomery and my two trips to Prince Edward Island was mentioned on a website that had to do with Prince Edward Island tourism. Wow. That was unexpected. It wasn’t the official Tourism PEI site, though.

(Hey, PEI tourism people, you can send the check any day now for the free publicity I’ve given you. Just kidding. Send some donairs and poutine instead. I’ve got the munchies for Canadian food.)

It’s odd how my blog posts are turning up in different places, but I don’t think I mind too much as long as I’m properly credited. When somebody reads the post and learns some useful information from it, wherever that post may be, that’s good enough for me.



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