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Storytelling with Google Glass


Chatter around the water cooler: “Have you seen Google Glass yet?” Image courtesy of Jessica Gale, Morguefile.

About a month or so ago, I had the chance to try out Google Glass at a networking event. For those who haven’t heard of Google Glass, it’s a miniature portable computer encased in the arm section of a headset that looks like eyeglasses. You see a tiny screen and you can move from one screen to another by tapping or swiping your finger across the outer section of the computer. It’s got a built-in video camera, an earphone and a microphone that allows Google Glass to respond to verbal commands; you can even take calls or read your e-mail.

I liked playing with it; I love gadgets. In my case, it was quite comfortable to wear (my version had its own lenses, but not all of them do) and pretty easy to operate (its owner described what I needed to do). The screen seemed tiny to me, but I’m used to the bigger screens of personal computers and iPads. It was hard to see images on the screen since I faced a group of people; looking upward to a blank section of wall helped me to see what was on the screen more easily.

I made the comment to the owner that using Google Glass would be fun for marketing because it would be an excellent form of storytelling. As a marketer, I’m required to come up with a compelling story for a company and find unique forms of expression for that story. The storytelling can be in different forms: written, photos, infographics and video.

I’m always amazed at the infinite possibilities of the human imagination, and the new tools we have available will only enhance our experience as viewers and readers. There’s a 2011 feature film called “Olive” with Gena Rowlands which was filmed entirely on smartphones and people have used Google Glass to create their shorter stories.

The Mother’s Day YouTube video below is a wonderful example. “Seeds” was created by Aneesh Chaganty, a filmmaker and University of Southern California graduate, and filmed with Google Glass. I hope to see more heartwarming stories told using this particular gadget; this is one of the best examples I’ve seen so far.

Who knows where our imaginations will take us? Enjoy the video.


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