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Twitter shorthand enters my IRL writing! LOL!


Back in ancient days, this was known as “Public Home-Oriented Networking Electronics”, or a “phone”. How technology has changed. LOL. Image courtesy of kconnors, Morguefile.

It’s funny how things in my online life follow me into my real life. Throughout the past year, I’ve gotten to know some great people who I first met online via Twitter and LinkedIn, and then I’ve met them in person.

As a frequent participant in Twitter tweetchats, I’m used to adjusting my typing to match Twitter’s 140-character limit. When Twitter was founded around 2006, its founders set the limit to a maximum of 140 characters because 160 characters was the SMS carrier limit and enough room was needed for a username.

So I’m always mindful of that 140-character limit. I keep my tweets to a limit of 100-120 characters whenever possible to permit easier retweeting.

In the process, I find myself using a lot of slang: IDK (I don’t know), IRL (in real life), IMHO (in my humble opinion) and the ever-popular LOL (laughing out loud, something I do a LOT after listening to certain comic Twitter conversationalists). There are other shortened terms I’ve used or seen, too:

Convo — conversation

Abt — about

J/K — just kidding

ppl — people

b/c — because

Twitter’s also led to the acquisition of new words, such as Twitterverse and trendjacking. Trendjacking means that you use a trending hashtag in your tweet to gain attention. Use with caution: some companies have failed to check the meaning of the hashtag and created their own social media fails.

Whoops. Thankfully, social media fails like this are rare.

What concerns me is that now when I’m taking notes or making a to-do list, the slang terms creep onto the paper or computer screen. IDK why this is happening IRL, but IMHO, my brain’s thinking this way so I can write faster.

Do you ppl know anything abt this trend? Is it happening to you, too? Maybe it’s the constant texting. LOL.

The a capella group Straight No Chaser has even used the slang for comedy. Enjoy their Christmas texting video with guest singer Kristen Bell from “Veronica Mars” and “Frozen”.


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