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PBS takes visual storytelling to art form

Digital Summit

Our welcome sign. Photo: Blogger’s own.

This past week, I went to my beloved digital marketing conference, Digital Summit, formerly known as Digital East. Since I’ve rhapsodized about it in this blog twice before, I’ll just say that I had a marvelous time talking with everyone and listening to the wisdom imparted in the workshops and from the people I met.

This year, they held the conference in the Gannett building, better known as the home of USA Today. Let me tell ya, folks, that is one magnificent building. I wanted to live right there in the lobby and enjoy the outdoor scenery every day. (*sighs in rapture*)

building exterior

Where we were. Note the fountain in the foreground. Photo: Blogger’s own.



Digital Summit sponsors gearing up for a busy day. Photo: Blogger’s own.



Another shot of the lobby. Love those huge picture windows. Me: “Can I set up a cot and live here?” USA Today people: “Sorry, we really don’t think so.” Photo: Blogger’s own.



A workshop in progress. Photo: Blogger’s own.



Their backyard. Photo: Blogger’s own.



I’m not telling you what this room is. All of you are bright enough to figure it out on your own. Isn’t that wall design cool? Photo: Blogger’s own.

I enjoyed a lot of presenters, but one favorite person was a Gannett employee who spoke about the possibility of using virtual reality to bring you right into the story and have you experience it in 3-D. Imagine the possibilities — you could step “inside” a news story courtesy of a smartphone app and smartphone attached to an electronic headset and understand it as if you were right there on the scene. Wouldn’t that be interesting to explore around that environment, whether it was a past news story or a story still occurring?

Another favorite presenter was someone from PBS, who talked about how PBS learned to thrive on YouTube. During this presentation, he mentioned a PBS Digital Studios series called “Blank-on-Blank”.

I’ve now become addicted to watching all of them. Each video has an interview given by a famous person, who discusses some aspect of life. There are interviews from Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, B.B. King, Carol Burnett, Jim Morrison, Larry King (his is absolutely hilarious!), Michael Jackson, Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, Dolly Parton and many more.

Some videos are funny, others are touching or dramatic. Some made me sad since those people aren’t alive any more. All of them give you a good sense of what that person was really like and how he or she thought and viewed life.

I’ve added links to some of my favorites below. Have fun watching!

Meryl Streep on Beauty

B.B. King on the blues (and how his guitar Lucille got her name)

Carol Burnett on Finding Home



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