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Paraguay has been achieved!!!! Thanks, blogosphere!

Paraguay waterfall Tom Barrett

Paraguay waterfall image courtesy of Tom Barrett, Unsplash.

Back in 2014, I did a comic post bemoaning the fact that no one from Paraguay had ever visited my blog. I had just about every other South American country, but noooo…not Paraguay. Nope. Nothing. Nada. But I’m sure they’ve been busy down there with other things to do.

WordPress allows you to see how people from different countries have visited your blog and how many visits have been made. It’s a cool feature of WordPress.

It’s really surprising to see how my blog posts have been seen in different countries. It would be nice to be fluent in all of the languages of the world, so it would be easy to communicate with all of those visitors.

So I recently noticed that someone from Paraguay had made a couple of visits. I’m not sure if that person made one visit and looked at two different pages or made one visit at two separate times.

I know, it’s a small thing, but it makes me rather happy. Gracias, Paraguay. Me gusta tú. (I hope I said that right. But tell me, Paraguay, what took you so long????!!!!)

I’m just kidding, Paraguay. I appreciate the fact that someone there took the trouble to swing by my humble little blog. Rest easy.

But have the rest of you seen this marvelous Paraguayan teen orchestra? They have musical instruments out of recycled materials and the music sounds really good.

I love the creativity and the music. Check it out. (Video credit: ThisIsMyGeorgia, YouTube.)


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