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“Mockingjay” videos: A story in a story in an ad

District 12 mountains

The mountainous landscape of District 12. (OK, so it’s not REALLY District 12, but it looks like it, doesn’t it?) Image courtesy of skysthelimit, Morguefile.)

The latest movie in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games book series, Mockingjay, is due to hit U.S. theaters this weekend. I look forward to it — they’ve done a good job of adapting the books to the big screen so it should be exciting to see.

As usual, the publicity train is going at full speed — interviews with the stars, movie posters and trailer videos. I wouldn’t be surprised to see action figures and Pez dispensers later. (Hey, it happened with The Hobbit.) But this time, the marketing team behind Mockingjay went really creative.

A series of ads called “District Voices” from Panem’s “CapitolTV” appeared on YouTube over the past month or so. These clever videos feature one or two young hosts, extolling the virtues of the fictitious country of Panem while subtly reminding the citizens of the different districts that they are still in the bonds of slavery. The idea is to make the viewer feel like a citizen of Panem would feel watching the videos.

The Mockingjay publicity team hired some well-known YouTube hosts to play the characters. Rob Czar and Corinne Leigh of “Threadbanger,” an Internet do-it-yourself show, are in a District 8 video about sewing. Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams of “Feast of Fiction” host a District 9 video which is a homage to Peeta Mellark’s bakery.

But all within these videos is not as it seems…….

Subtle symbols of the Mockingjay rebellion appear in the three videos below, showing the hosts’ support for the uprising. Can you spot them? (I’ll give hints later, if needed.)

District Voices introductory video:

District 8 video:

District 9 video (my personal favorite):


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